AND!XOR (pronounced AND not X OR)

Based in California with backgrounds in Hardware and Software Engineering. 

The team spans from SoCal to Silicon Valley, through Texas, to DC.

We make stuff. We drink beer. In no particular order

We design and manufacture custom hardware, write embedded software, tailored into wearable electronic pieces of art known colloquially as "badges." In addition to an immersive hacking challenges, all badges leverage the dark arts of RF for collaborative interaction and gaming. These exposed circuit boards showcase blinky LED's, silky smooth color animations, games, and interactive puzzles with ANSI art.



Jul 31, 2019


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AND!XOR DC28 Badge

  • Dual Monitors & Blackberry Keyboard

  • Laser Etched Acrylic Face Plate for Maximum Bling
  • Embedded Terminal CTF Challenges

    • Hardware Hacking, Static Binary Analysis, ​Encryption Cracking, Buffer Underflows, Phreaking, & more...

  • MYBASIC Interpreter integrated with badge hardware

  • Custom Rolled Encryption (For Lulz & CTF)

  • Augmented Reality integration wtih InspectAR

  • Many Easter Eggs​

  • Custom Facemask / Neck Gaiter

  • After raising funds through sponsorship and philanthropist backers, the badge was given away for FREE during the DEF CON 28 SAFE MODE

  • Search twitter for #mattdamon #badgelife...


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